The Importance Of Having A Wedding Video


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With 2011 well underway, I am working hard to market my company and turn a profit. It can be very difficult in this economy to drum up business when your clients are mostly young and their coffers are empty before they start planning their wedding. Young couples are omitting the non-essentials so they can have their special day without diving into the debt pit. While some penny-pinching is a good idea, there are some things you really don’t want to skimp on, and in the modern media-driven world video is one of those things.

I’ve talked to many prospective clients who just don’t seem interested in a wedding video, and I’ve come to the conclusion that either they see it as a luxury they don’t need or they’ve already written it off as a luxury they can’t afford. Neither could be further from the truth! Here’s why…

I hear brides talk all the time about how their wedding day flew by and they didn’t realize how much they missed until it was too late. With video you can see and hear everything, even the parts you missed. Video is a more accurate portrayal of life than say, a photograph. A photo can be stunning and artistically beautiful, but it represents a single point in time. Video is a continuous representation of an event as it happens.

That’s not to say that quality photography doesn’t have its place. There are great photographers out there who capture amazing moments of your day beautifully, like my friends Aaron and Jenny at Invisible Attributes. They do amazing work, and we’ve even booked them for our wedding later this year. But I strongly believe that good photography should be coupled with good video, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg…

I recently read a post by a video professional on a forum I frequent stating that he was turning away business from clients who had booked a photographer and no longer had a budget for video services. On the one hand I understand what it costs to operate as a wedding videographer, and I can especially appreciate videographers who have so much experience and are so sought after that they simply can’t handle all the business. On the other hand I’m shocked that so many brides just throw in the towel and assume they can’t afford a decent videographer!

There are professionals such as myself who are less experienced but still have the talent and knowledge to give a bride on a budget a great video at a great price. A lot of professionals will work with you to work their services into your budget. So don’t think that wedding videos aren’t for you because you don’t need it or can’t afford it. You’ll look back at your wedding video as often as you look back at your pictures, and you can share just as easily with friends and family– so don’t skimp!